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    Recent News
Tuesday April 25, 2017
Kleinn is a sponsor
NADM Staff

Kleinn Air Horns has signed as the Official Air Horn sponsor for the 2017 season. If you own a big truck then you will want that big train horn sound for your truck. Kleinn Air Horns has the best air horn systems in the country. Located and assembled in the US these horns are easy to install and you will be heard once they are on your truck!

Tuesday February 7, 2017
NEW sponsors join 2017 season! Welcome!
NADM Staff

As of to date three NEW sponsors have signed for the 2017 season! Make sure to welcome them at the shows and by buying their products. It's still early so a couple of more might join DIESEL Motorsports. Rolling Big Power signed as the official Grille sponsor which I see many of these already on some nice looking diesel trucks. Also PPE became a sponsor as the official exhaust manifold, their products have been on many of our diesels for years but this product really opens up your truck for more power. Driven Oil by Joe Gibbs just entered the oil market for diesels with a special blend made just for diesels! Watch for more releases from Driven since they are just getting started in the diesel market! Please visit their web sites above!

Tuesday February 7, 2017
Sponsors RETURN for 2017 Season
NADM Staff

DIESEL Motorsports is so blessed to have loyal sponsors for many years. It must mean we are doing something right, or they enjoy the diesel enthusiasts who attend our diesel family lifestyle events. It's the sponsors who pay for the competitor's purses so that is why we request you put on all of their decals, it's the least we can do for them. Returning . . .
South Bend Clutch
Industrial Injection
Mahle Pistons
Mahle Original Gaskets
Firestone Ride-Rite
Vulcan Performance
BD Performance
Redline Transmissions
Spal Fans
RPM Performance
We want to thank their continued support and remember who supports our sport when purchasing products for your trucks.

Thursday December 15, 2016
Point Leaders 2016 announced at PRI Show
NADM Staff

Many do not know but DIESEL Motorsports does keep track of points earned at each event for drag racing and sled pulling during the season. We do award point winners for different classes and they are recognized on our social media plus our web site. These are competitors who normally win or place high in the competitions. These awards were presented at the DM booth at the PRI Show this year along with other awards.

Thursday December 15, 2016
Brady Williams inducted into DM HALL of FAME
NADM Staff

Inducted into the DIESEL Motorsports Hall of Fame for 2016 is Brady Neal Williams of Industrial Injection. Brady passed in August of this year from health issues and will be missed by many in the industry for not only his work but also his love of the sport in the diesel marketplace.

Monday October 10, 2016
MO Truck Shootout Results!
NADM Staff

Another fun night at US 36 Dragway with lots of FAST trucks diesel and gas but the diesels won out in the end! Thanks for everyone who came to compete and our DM crew.

Tuesday September 27, 2016
Buckeye Diesel Blast Results 2016
NADM Staff

Diesel Motorsports wants to thank Mark and Kelly at Marion County International Raceway for having us back for the Buckeye Diesel Blast for 2016! It was a beautiful day with lots of trucks, families and great diesel competition from some unbelievable trucks! This is always a fun event with lots of corn, sunshine and food! Below the winners of the day's activities!
A big thank you to Fuelab, G&R Diesel, Action Exhaust, Diesel Life, Firepunk and Tater Built for being the sponsors and vendors!
Buckeye Diesel Blast Winners 2016

Wednesday August 24, 2016
Wilson County Fair Super Pull Results!
NADM Staff

For the first time DIESEL Motorsports along with the Mid Tennessee Pulling Association held the Wilson County Fair Super Pull in Lebanon TN, just outside of Nashville. This event was sponsored by a local WD, Diesel Performance Parts.com (DPPI), which sells many of the sponsor's parts. Friday was a great night of pulling with over 4,000 fans watching for 4 hours. Saturday had a large field of tractors and trucks waiting to pull but the rains soaked the arena canceling the pull.

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